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Representing Clients Injured by Defective Car Seats

Automobile seats are a major part of the vehicle and responsible for withstanding the impact of a crash in order to protect vehicle occupants. Moreover, a vehicle’s seats are necessary for other safety mechanisms, such as seat belts, to work effectively. If the car seat is defective and the seat belt does not work properly as a result, passengers can be ejected from the vehicle or thrown into the car’s dashboard or windshield.

Types of Car Seat Defects

Car seats can malfunction for a number of reasons but some of the most common types of car seat defects include:

  • A poorly designed seat ramp that causes passengers to move too far forward during an auto accident.
  • A defective connection between the seat and floor of the car, causing the seat to become detached during an auto accident.
  • An inadequately designed seat back that cannot withstand the force of impact during an auto accident, causing passengers to be ejected from the vehicle.

Child Car Seat Defects

Child car seats are instrumental to the safety of young passengers. Child safety seats must adhere to strict laws and regulations regarding the design and manufacture of the product. Unfortunately, a child car seat can fail, just like any other auto part, due to a design or manufacturing defect. Some common child car seat defects include:

  • Malfunctioning handles
  • Sudden release
  • Weak construction
  • Flammable material
  • Base/shell separation
  • Defective harness
  • Failure to meet safety requirements

Product Liability Lawsuits for Defective Car Seats

From time to time, vehicles are recalled due to defective car seats. In fact, in 2011, Ford recalled thousands of its Explorer vehicles due to defective seats that did not provide the required strength and support in an auto accident.

If a defective seat results in injuries or deaths, a product liability lawsuit may be filed against anyone along a vehicle’s supply chain, including the automobile designer, the automobile manufacturer, the marketing companies, and car dealerships. A product liability claim, including a defective seat claim, can be based on negligence, strict liability and breach of warranty, all of which require that the plaintiff prove that the car’s defect caused the plaintiff’s injuries.

At Ankin Law, our Chicago auto defect attorneys are dedicated to protecting the victims of serious auto accidents, including those involving defective seat and other auto defect claims.  Because we focus on representing the victims of auto accidents and auto product liability claims, we are well-versed in the Illinois auto accident laws and regulations. We are familiar with the processes and procedures of insurance companies so we can work to get you a quick and favorable settlement.

If a favorable settlement is not possible, our team includes skilled Chicago auto defect litigators, who will vigorously fight to protect your rights in a court of law. If you have been injured as a result of a defective seat, contact one of our Chicago auto defect attorneys today to learn more about a possible auto defect product liability claim.