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Representing Victims Ejected from the Vehicle

When an auto accident victim is ejected from the vehicle, serious injuries or even death often occurs. Occupants who are ejected from the vehicle can suffer injuries from the impact of exiting the car and the impact of striking the group or other surface. Moreover, ejected occupants may also be struck by another vehicle following ejection, which can further exacerbate injuries.

Because vehicle ejections can be so catastrophic, there are vehicles include safety devices, such as seat belts, that are designed to prevent vehicle ejections in the event of an auto accident. Vehicle occupants should wear seat belts at all times, but sometimes defective seat belts can fail to prevent a vehicle ejection.

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a vehicle ejection in an auto accident, contact the Chicago auto accident law firm of Ankin Law at (800) 442-6546 to schedule a free consultation to discuss a possible personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. Our team of Chicago auto accident attorneys focuses on representing the victims of serious motor vehicle accidents, including those in which an occupant is ejected from the vehicle.

Common Causes of Auto Accident Ejections

While almost any motor vehicle accident can lead to the ejection of an occupant, there have been certain circumstances that are more likely to lead to occupant ejections, including:

  • Seatbelt Malfunctions. Like any vehicle mechanism, seat belts can suffer from manufacturing defects and a product liability claim may be appropriate in these cases.
  • Rollover Crashes. Rollover crashes can cause the seatbelt to become unfastened unexpectedly, resulting in the occupant being thrown from the vehicle as it rolls over.
  • Defective Door Latches. When a door latch does not function properly, the door can open at any time during an auto accident and cause the occupant closest to the open door to be ejected.
  • Weak Side Window Glass. When a vehicle does contain adequate safety glass on its side windows, they can shatter in an accident allowing a point of exit for ejection from the vehicle.

Common Injuries Resulting from Auto Accident Occupant Ejections

Because an occupant is often thrown out of a vehicle at a high rate of speed and with a high degree of force, vehicle ejection injuries are often serious and can even result in death. Broken bones are a common result of occupant ejections in auto accidents. Oftentimes an occupant is ejected from the vehicle head first, which results in injuries to the head, neck and back. For this same reason, paralysis is also a common consequence of occupant ejection. When an occupant is ejected head first, the head and neck can suffer severe trauma and the spinal cord can be damaged, resulting in complete or incomplete paralysis.

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If you or a loved one was ejected from the vehicle during a collision, contact the Chicago side impact car accident attorneys at Ankin Law at (800) 442-6546. We focus on representing the victims of serious auto accidents and other personal injury lawsuits and we are well-equipped to handle the legal issues that arise when pursing a legal claim following vehicle ejection.