The Latest Research on Sports-Related Injuries

soccer player injured on the ground

The Latest Research on Sports-Related Injuries in Youth Sports

The latest research on sports-related injuries has shown many new developments. First, the CDC found that ER visits in the U.S. have risen by about 60 percent in the past 10 years. About 170,000 youth sports-related brain injuries occur each year.

There is also new university research to support this. These include Dartmouth, Virginia Tech, Brown and Harvard. This research shows the way doctors diagnose these injuries is not working. There is also not enough research on the long-term effects of this type of brain injury. Only recently have researchers looked at this. So far, the results are startling. They show higher rates of injury and the injuries are more serious. The injuries also affect the brain well into the future.

For parents of active children, playing sports is an outlet for excess energy. Research shows that the chance for injuries when playing sports is a great possibility. It isn’t only football, though. It can be any sport with a high rate of physical hits. These include basketball, hockey, soccer, rugby and lacrosse.

Studies in Canada are also important. One even compares Hockey Canada’s lack of policy on youth sports injuries to child abuse. The organization has failed to have any anti-concussion policies. Across the US, similar stances appear in youth sports organizations. This includes organizations that run basketball, baseball, lacrosse, soccer and football programs.

A Personal Injury Attorney in Chicago Recommends Parental Involvement

Parents of students in these youth sports programs must remain vigilant. They must do their best to keep their children safe from concussions. Any personal injury attorney in Chicago would suggest proper sports safety equipment. Additionally, parents should commit to talking about anti-concussion policies with youth sports organizations. Parents should take any child with a sports head injury to the hospital. This is important even if it seems minor. It only takes a small bump to the head to create a dangerous injury.