How To Reduce Late Night Car Crashes

A car in flames during the night timeLate night car crashes will happen but increasing the available lighting can reduce the number of late-night car crashes. There are generally a variety of reasons for late-night car crashes. However, one of the most common reasons is human error. While driver mistakes are typically involved in many crash scenarios, there are numerous reasons that contribute to drivers making mistakes or poor decisions while driving late at night.

One of the most telling but often overlooked reasons is the lack of lighting that is available for drivers late at night. This reduction in lighting creates a variety of situations that make driving late at night different than driving during the day. Primarily the lack of lighting at night creates poor visibility for drivers.

This poor visibility results in some drivers not being able to see opposing traffic and other road conditions. Thus, the lack of lighting has an impact on the number of car crashes that occur late at night.

Overall, more than 40 percent of intersection fatalities occur during the late night and early morning hours. In addition, the chance of being killed in an automobile crash during late night and early morning hours is at least three times greater than during daytime hours.

With the amount of available lighting having an effect on the number of car crashes that occur late at night, increasing the lighting for drivers has been shown through case studies to reduce the number of car crashes that occur late night hours.

In three case studies that were done specifically based on the idea of increasing late night lighting for drivers, the studies showed that late night and early morning crashes at the selected intersections were reduced by a weighted average of 35 percent when the lighting was increased. The crash reduction statistics utilized were based on before and after compiled data regarding the selected intersections over at least a six-year period.

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