Falling Seniors Prone to Car Wrecks

sick patient holding hands with person

Association Between Falls and Driving Outcomes In Older Adults is the name of the AAA Foundation study. Drivers over the age of 60 are involved in approximately 400,00 car crashes annually, according to the study’s findings. Researchers behind the study sought a common link aside from age.

A decline in general fitness levels as a precursor to, or a result of, frequent falls is a common lifestyle factor in seniors who have car wrecks. As a result, the AAA Foundation intends to start looking at an older driver’s fall history as a future car crash risk factor.

The study suggests that families should consider falls as an early sign of diminishing health in general or of some specific underlying problem. Body weakness, a certain medication, low-intoxication threshold, vision problems and degrading reflexes are potential health issues and conditions that affect seniors’ behavior behind the wheel.

Addressing such health issues can increase a senior’s ability to deal with the numerous physical and mental challenges posed by driving. Remaining active is one way to address some concerns, such as general body weakness and degrading reflexes.

The AAA Foundation states that body flexibility is perhaps most important for older drivers to maintain in order to drive safely. Whole-body flexibility improves other skills, such as balance and reflexes, which are essential for braking, parking, and getting in and out of cars. The foundation recommends a series of simple fitness activities to improve flexibility.

The foundation suggests a total of 150 minutes of flexibility exercise per week, although 10-minute increments are acceptable. Any other activities that enhance balance, flexibility and muscle tone are also beneficial.

Other resources include driver improvement courses, which are available through AAA. The course may result in discounts on insurance premiums, states AAA. Online defensive driving courses offer the convenience and low maintenance of at-home study.

Despite the best intentions and preparations, car wrecks involving seniors happen. The uniqueness of each case may require a car wreck attorney in Chicago, whether the injury claim is related to cell phones, drunk driving, autos, trucks or accidents with bicyclists.

The law compels the injured party to establish the defendant’s negligence, so it’s important to have a Chicago-based car wreck attorney who focuses on personal injury law.