Small, Fun and… Dangerous? Examining ATVs and Electric Cars

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The popularity of four-wheel recreational vehicles and alternative non-gasoline vehicles has increased over the past several years. As more people operate all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), risks and hazards are discovered through injury and product safety reports. The Injury Journal concluded January 2016 that ATVs are responsible for a higher mortality rate than other off-road vehicles, while the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) continues to warn families about ATV risks for children. As for on-road vehicles, the increased interest in electric vehicles has prompted investigations for their potential dangers. With their high voltage batteries and electromagnetic radiation emissions, electric vehicles are under constant review by many concerned groups.

Small, Fun (and Potentially Dangerous) ATVs

During Memorial Day weekend 2015, 13 deaths and 2,900 injuries resulted from ATV use, according to the CPSC. Many accidents may have been prevented if safety guidelines were followed, including: choosing the correct size ATV per age, keeping off paved roads, wearing helmets and protective equipment, etc. Personal injury can be the result of poor safety practices by ATV riders or poor guidance by riders’ parents. A study by the International Injury Journal in January 2016 reported that ATVs were the cause of a 51% increase in the chance of death compared to other off-road vehicles (like motorcycles and dirt bikes). Although a popular recreational vehicle among teenagers and adults alike, these small, fun vehicles can also be extremely dangerous when the proper safety guidelines are not followed.

Dangers of Electric Cars: Fire Hazards & Cancer Risk

When involved in a motor vehicle accident with an electric or hybrid car, extreme care should be taken for both the victim and the rescue team. Since the introduction of mass-produced electric cars (especially the plug-in variety), several reports of battery fires have been reported – mainly during impact with debris or as the result of a vehicle crash. This poses a great risk for electric car drivers as well as emergency personnel. Besides their fire hazards, electric cars may also pose an increased cancer risk. As with all electronic devices, electric cars emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR) waves. As reported by the Wyoming Institute of Technology in 2014, compared with regular-use devices (cell phones, computers), electric cars may radiate several times the recommended “safe” level of EMR.

Car accident attorneys can provide assistance and guidance for examining personal injury claims or motor vehicle accidents resulting from ATV or electric car usage.