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Representing Clients Injured by Vehicle Fires

Vehicle fires are one of the most common types of fires and often result in devastating injuries and even death. Severe burn injuries and smoke inhalation can lead to serious medical conditions with lifelong consequences. At Ankin Law, our skilled Chicago vehicle fire attorneys are dedicated to protecting the victims of vehicle fires and auto accidents caused by defective auto parts.

Vehicle Fires Caused by Electrical Failures

Vehicle fires can be caused by electrical system failures or defective fuel systems. When a vehicle fire is caused by an electrical failure, the fire usually starts in or around the dashboard where the electrical components are located. Some types of electrical failures that can cause vehicle fires include: short circuits, pinched wires, cracked insulation, and faulty wiring.

Vehicle Fires Caused by Defective Fuel Systems

Vehicle fires caused by defective fuel systems often begin under a vehicle or on the street surface below and quickly spread to other parts of the vehicle as leaking gasoline catches fire.

Fuel-fed fires often occur after a collision, such as a vehicle rollover. Vehicles are supposed to stop fuel from leaking out of the car in the event of a car crash, but in some cases, the fuel system is defective and fuel leaks, causing devastating vehicle fires.

Some common causes of fuel-fed vehicle fires include:

  • Poorly placed gas tanks
  • Gas tanks located outside the frame of the automobile
  • Gas tanks installed between the bumper and axle
  • Faulty fuel line parts
  • Flawed emergency shut-off valves
  • Inadequate gas tank design

Helping Victims of Vehicle Fires Recover for their Injuries

Victims of vehicle fires often suffer serious burn injuries, among other auto accident injuries like head injuries and back injuries. At Ankin Law, our Chicago vehicle fire attorneys are dedicated to protecting the victims of devastating auto accidents and auto defects, such as vehicle fires and sudden acceleration. Because we focus on representing the victims of serious auto accidents, we have the resources and skill necessary to advocate on your behalf to get you the compensation that you need and deserve.

As skilled auto product liability attorneys, we understand the complex factual and legal issues that come into play with an auto defect lawsuit. We consult with auto engineers and design experts, when necessary, in order to provide the evidence necessary to support your claim.

If you have been injured in an accident involving a vehicle fire, do not delay to get the legal help you need. Contact our office at (800) 442-6546 today to schedule a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable Chicago vehicle fire lawyers to learn more about a possible vehicle fire lawsuit.