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Representing Clients Injured by Sudden Acceleration

Sudden acceleration catastrophes have been all over the news in recent years and hundreds of product liability lawsuits have been filed against vehicle manufacturers, most commonly Toyota. The Chicago sudden acceleration attorneys at Ankin Law focus on representing the victims of catastrophic auto accidents, including those involving sudden acceleration. Contact our office at (800) 442-6546 to learn more about a possible product liability lawsuit.

Causes of Sudden Acceleration

Some of the possible causes of sudden and unintended acceleration include cruise control malfunction, throttle malfunction, and pedal misapplication. In some vehicles, the gas pedal and brake were placed in difficult positions for American drivers to maneuver, which caused some drivers press the gas pedal while applying the brake. In other vehicles, cruise control problems have caused sudden acceleration.

Sudden acceleration can happen when a vehicle’s computer-driven electronic throttle control system malfunctions. Most auto manufacturers have discontinued the use of traditional mechanical systems that link the accelerator pedal with the throttle plate and, instead, use sensors to transmit electronic signals through the control module to a motor that operates the throttle valve. Unfortunately, the increased reliance on electronic throttle controls has resulted in a staggering number of reports of sudden acceleration.

Sudden Acceleration Lawsuits

Auto manufacturers – namely, Toyota – have been named in hundreds of lawsuits alleging that the auto manufacturer knew about the sudden acceleration problem but failed to report the problems and went to great lengths to hide the defect. The lawsuits filed to date include allegations that Toyota is responsible for product liability claims due to sudden acceleration and/or defects with the electronic throttle control system, fraud, negligence, breach of warranty and wrongful death.

Although Toyota claims that its vehicles were and are safe and that the sudden acceleration accidents were caused by driver error and other factors unrelated to the vehicles themselves, the automaker has, nonetheless, recalled more than 8 million of its vehicles.

Experience You Can Trust

At Ankin Law, our Chicago auto defect attorneys focus on representing the victims of sudden acceleration accidents and other auto defect accidents. We possess the resources and skill necessary to advocate on your behalf to get you the compensation that you need and deserve. As skilled auto product liability attorneys, we understand the complex factual and legal issues that come into play with an auto defect lawsuit. We consult with auto engineers and design experts, when necessary, in order to provide the evidence necessary to support your claim.

If you have been injured in an accident caused by sudden acceleration, do not delay to get the legal help you need. Contact our office at (800) 442-6546 today to schedule a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable Chicago sudden acceleration lawyers to learn more about a possible sudden acceleration lawsuit.