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Representing the Clients in Single Car Auto Accident Cases throughout Illinois

Single car accidents can present complicated and complex legal issues, but you are not necessarily without recourse. Just because your car was the only vehicle in the accident, it does not mean that another party was not responsible for the accident.

At Ankin Law, our team of Chicago auto accident attorneys focuses on representing clients involved in all types of auto accidents, including single car accidents, as well as multi-car accidents, highway accidents, and pedestrian accidents. Because we focus on personal injury lawsuits involving auto accidents, we are well-versed in the complex legal issues that can arise and we are highly experienced in negotiating with insurance companies and advocating on behalf of our clients in a court of law.

If you have been in a single car accident, contact the Chicago auto accident attorneys at Ankin Law at (800) 442-6546 to learn more about any possible recourse you may have following your single car accident.

Causes of Single Car Accidents

Single car accidents can happen for any number of reasons. Another driver may cut you off and in an attempt to avoid hitting that car, you hit a guardrail. You may swerve to avoid hitting a deer and you might hit a highway sign instead. Single car accidents often present unique fact patterns and circumstances, but there are also some common causes of single car accidents, including the following:

Hydroplaning. Drivers involved in accidents caused by hydroplaning are often the victims of negligence since hydroplaning typically happens because of road defects. Water should not accumulate on roadways, but rather, it should drain to the side of the road.

Road construction accidents. As the popular saying goes: “There are two seasons in the Midwest: winter and road construction season.” It seems that Chicago area roads and highways are constantly under construction. Contractors are required to maintain construction zones in a safe manner that does not place drivers and construction workers in danger. Unfortunately, safety precautions are not always used and crashes in work zones can occur as a result of improper or inadequate warning signs, improperly diverted traffic, and poor placement of cones and barriers. When auto accidents occur in a construction zone, negligent construction companies may be held accountable for any resulting injuries or damages.

Vehicle defects. Defective vehicles often result in single car accidents. For instance, defective brakes or poor tire manufacturing can result in single car accidents, including rollovers. Vehicle manufacturers or other parties responsible for defective vehicles may be held accountable if the single car accident was the result of a defective vehicle.

Experienced Auto Accident Attorneys

At Ankin Law, our Chicago auto accident attorneys understand that you may be scared and confused following a single car accident. But you should not automatically presume that you alone are responsible for the injuries and damages sustained in the single car accident. Another party may have been negligent in causing the accident and could be held liable for any injuries or damages as a result. Contact our office at (800) 442-6546 to schedule a free consultation with one of our Chicago auto accident attorneys to discuss you single car accident.