Chicago Highway Accident Attorneys

Illinois Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers

The Chicago area is home to many well-traveled highways and major thoroughfares, such as the Edens Expressway, Kennedy Expressway and the Chicago Skyway, among many others.  Given the traffic volume and traffic congestion that Chicago’s highways and interstates experience, motor vehicle accidents are not uncommon. Many times, vehicles are traveling at high speeds on highways and interstates, which can result in devastating multi-vehicle accidents with serious injuries and even deaths.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a Chicago area highway accident, do not hesitate to contact the Chicago auto accident attorneys at Ankin Law at (800) 442-6546 to learn more about your legal rights and remedies.

Chicago Area Highways and Expressways

The Chicago area has many well-travelled highways and expressways, including the following:

  • I-94 (Edens Expressway)
  • I-294 (Tri State Tollway)
  • I-90 (Kennedy Expressway)
  • I-190 (Chicago Skyway toll road)
  • I-290 (Eisenhower Expressway)
  • I-55 (Adlai Stevenson Expressway)
  • I-94 (Bishop Ford freeway, Dan Ryan Expressway)
  • I-57

What to Do If You Are In a Highway Accident

If you are in a motor vehicle accident on one of Chicago’s highways or expressways, it is important to first seek medical attention and alert the police. Highway vehicle accidents often result in serious injuries and you should not delay in seeking medical attention. If you are not injured, you should move your car, if possible, to a safe location on the side of the road and wait for police and emergency personnel to arrive at the scene of the accident.

You should also consult with an experienced Illinois highway accident attorney as soon as possible. At Ankin Law, our team of Chicago motor vehicle accident attorneys focuses on representing clients involved complex motor vehicle accidents, including highway accidents, multi-vehicle accidents, trucking accidents, and mass transit accidents. Our experience and legal knowledge allows us to assess the legal issues associated with pursuing a claim and provide our clients with practical legal advice and guidance.

We thoroughly examine the police report and discuss the circumstances surrounding the highway accident with any witnesses in order to understand the factual and legal issues that may be involved with your claim. When necessary, we consult with accident reconstructionists to further investigate the circumstances surrounding the highway accident and gain information to support your claim.

Experience You Can Trust

The Chicago highway accident attorneys at Ankin Law are highly skilled personal injury attorneys who understand the legal complexities associated with a motor vehicle accident lawsuit.  Our Chicago highway accident attorneys have years of experience representing the victims of all types of motor vehicle accidents that occur on highways, including trucking accidents, auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, mass transit accidents, and multi-vehicle accidents.

If you or a loved one has been in a highway accident, contact the Chicago highway accident attorneys at Ankin Law at (800) 442-6546 to schedule a free consultation to learn more about a possible personal injury lawsuit following your highway accident.