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Representing the Victims of Car-Truck Collisions in Illinois 

Motor vehicle accidents – whether a single car accident or a multiple car accident – can have devastating results, but when cars are in collisions with trucks, the results are often catastrophic. Due to the size of the trucks involved, car-truck accidents often result in serious injuries and even death. Furthermore, car-truck accidents can involve unique legal issues, such as worker’s compensation claims and trucking company liability.

If you or a loved one was involved in a car-truck accident, do not hesitate to contact the Chicago motor vehicle accident law firm of Ankin Law. Our team of compassionate attorneys and legal staff have the time, resources, and knowledge necessary to guide you every step of the way. Not only will we vigorously advocate on your behalf to get you the compensation you deserve, but we can handle the wide array of legal issues that may arise as a result of your car-truck accident.

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Legal Obligations of Trucking Companies and Truck Drivers

Car-truck accidents involve unique liability issues that are not present in car accidents. For instance, trucking companies and truck drivers have certain obligations to prevent accidents on the roadway, and if they fail to comply with those obligations, they could be liable for an injuries or damages in a personal injury lawsuit. For instance, trucking companies are obligated to maintain their vehicles in safe working condition.  Truck drivers are responsible for obeying the rules of the road and operating their vehicles in a safe manner.

Moreover, if a truck driver is injured in a car-truck accident while on the job, he or she may be entitled to worker’s compensation for any injuries sustained. At Ankin Law, our team of experienced Illinois accident attorneys are able to handle the various legal issues that can arise as a result of a car truck accident.

Causes of Car-Truck Accidents

There are many possible causes for a car-truck accident, including:

  • Equipment Malfunction or Maintenance Problems
  • Car Driver Negligence
  • Truck Driver Negligence
  • Brake Failure
  • Blowouts & Defective Tires
  • Over-Weighted Truck & Load Issues
  • Intoxicated Drivers
  • Truck Driver Fatigue

Determining the cause of the car-truck accident is crucial to the personal injury lawsuit because the damages and compensation to which you may be entitled vary depending on the cause of the car-truck accident. Additionally, car-truck accidents can involve complicated contributory negligence and liability issues involving more than one party, including the drivers, the trucking company, and the shipper.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a car-truck accident, the skilled Chicago area motor vehicle accident attorneys at Ankin Law have the experience you need to handle the full array of legal and factual issues that can arise. Our team of Chicago car accident attorneys and staff will take the time listen to your concerns, carefully evaluate the situation, advise you of the best course of action, and keep you informed every step of the way. We have the resources, knowledge, and capacity necessary to investigate and document your car-truck accident and advocate on your behalf.

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