Chicago, Illinois Trucking Accident Attorneys

Trucking accidents are among some of the most devastating motor vehicle accidents due to their large size and heavy loads. Injuries to other drivers involved in accidents with large commercial trucks can result in exorbitant medical bills, long-term care expenses, and even death.

Unlike auto accidents, which typically involve only one or two other drivers, trucking accidents often involve multiple defendants, such as the truck driver, the trucking company, the shipper, employers, and contractors. The cause of the trucking accident will affect the defendants that can be named in a personal injury lawsuit so it is important to accurately determine the cause of the trucking accident.

There are many possible causes for a trucking accident. Some of the more common causes of trucking accidents include:

  • Trucking Equipment Malfunction or Maintenance Problems. Truck drivers and trucking companies have an obligation to check and maintain trucking equipment so that malfunctions do not occur.
  • Truck Driver Negligence, including speeding, unsafe lane changes, inattentive driving, fatigue, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, failing to properly secure truck loads, and driving in excess of the maximum allowed hours per day/week.
  • Truck Brake Failure, which often occurs when truck drivers and trucking companies fail to maintain or check trucking equipment.
  • Blowouts & Defective Tires. Truck tire blowouts can occur due to negligent maintenance and defective tires.
  • Over-Weighted Truck & Load Issues. There are specific procedures and safety precautions that truck drivers should perform when loading and securing their truck load. Some states, including Illinois, impose specific fines and penalties on truck drivers for failing to properly secure their truck loads.
  • Intoxicated Truck Drivers. Truck drivers are under strict obligations imposed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to abstain from intoxication while operating a big rig. Unlike other drivers which are considered to be under the influence when they have a BAC of 0.08 or higher, truck drivers face strict penalties if they have a BAC of 0.04 or higher.
  • Truck Driver Fatigue. Truck driver fatigue is a leading cause of large trucking accidents because it can result in slower reaction times, poor judgment and an impaired ability to process information.

Trucking companies understand their potential liabilities when an accident occurs, so they are often well-equipped and prepared to promptly investigate an accident involving one of their trucks so that they can amass evidence more favorable to their case.  Accordingly, it is all the more important that you promptly contact a skilled Illinois motor vehicle accident attorney if you have been involved in a trucking accident. The skilled Chicago trucking accident attorneys at Ankin Law understand the unique legal issues that arise in a personal injury lawsuit involving a trucking accident. We will explain your rights to you and vigorously advocate on your behalf.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a trucking accident, the skilled Chicago area trucking accident attorneys at Ankin Law will work with the appropriate truck accident investigators and medical personnel in order to document the evidence necessary to support your claim.  Contact us at (800) 442-6546 to schedule a free consultation.