Chicago, Illinois Side Impact Auto Accident Attorneys

Representing the Victims of Illinois T-Bone Vehicle Collisions

Side impact car accidents sometimes involve the most serious injuries. In fact, side impact or T-bone collisions are more likely to be fatal than head-on or rear-end accidents because the side of the vehicle is often less protected that the front and rear of the car.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a side impact, or T-bone, auto accident, contact the Chicago auto accident law firm of Ankin Law at (800) 442-6546 to learn more about your legal rights and remedies. Our team of Illinois motor vehicle accident attorneys focuses on representing the victims of devastating auto accidents, including side impact, head-on, and rear-end collisions.

Causes of Side Impact/T-Bone Accidents

T-bone accidents can happen for a number of reasons, but they often occur at intersections or when two cars are attempting to change lanes.  In most situations, the vehicles are rotated from their original direction of travel and, in some cases, the vehicle hit can rollover and my even collide with pedestrians, bicyclists, or other vehicles.

The severity of a side impact auto accident depends upon several factors, including the area of the vehicle that is hit, whether the vehicle that was hit has side impact safety features (such as air bags), the speeds at which the vehicles were traveling at the time of impact, and the weights of the vehicles involved.

Common Injuries in Side Impact Collisions

Injuries suffered in a side impact auto accident depend on the point of impact in relation to the driver’s and any passengers’ bodies. Some common injuries that can result in a side impact auto accident include:

  • Leg injury
  • Hip injury
  • Broken or crushed ribs
  • Arm injuries, including broken bones and lacerations
  • Shoulder injuries, including shoulder muscle tears, a dislocated shoulder, broken shoulder bones, a crushed shoulder, or severe lacerations
  • Back injury such as a sprained back, a broken back, pinched nerves, and slipped discs
  • Neck injuries such as whiplash, a strained neck, sprained neck, or broken neck
  • Ear injuries, including tinnitus (ringing in the ears), loss of hearing or distortion of sounds
  • Head injury

Legal Experience You Can Trust

If you or a loved one suffered an injury as a result of a side impact car accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, future medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, disability and disfigurement. The Chicago side impact car accident attorneys at Ankin Law have the experience and legal knowledge to vigorously pursue a legal claim on your behalf. Because we focus on representing the victims of serious auto accidents and other personal injury lawsuits, we are well-equipped to handle the legal issues that arise when pursing a claim.

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