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Representing Victims of Motor Vehicle Accidents throughout Illinois

Motor vehicle accidents involve a wide variety of vehicles, not just cars. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were over 2 million injuries and over 25,000 fatalities as a result of car accidents in 2008. According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, more than 89,000 people were injured in Illinois motor vehicle accidents and 911 were killed in Illinois motor vehicle accidents. While the vast majority of motor vehicle accidents are auto accidents, there are a number of other types of motor vehicle accidents.

At Ankin Law, our Chicago accident attorneys focus on all types of motor vehicle accidents. Not only do we represent the victims of car collisions, but we also represent the victims of motorcycle accidents, mass transit accidents, railroad crossing accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, and bus accidents.

Motorcycle Accidents

Although motorcycle accidents are less common than auto accidents, they are considerably more severe.  Motorcyclists are not covered by the same protective barriers as cars and other passenger vehicles, making motorcycle accidents more likely to result in serious injuries or death than car accidents. The Chicago motorcycle accident attorneys at Ankin Law understand the complex legal implications of a motorcycle accident and we are committed to protecting the rights of victims of motorcycle accidents.

Railroad Crossing Accidents

Railroad crossings can be particularly dangerous. Pedestrians may try to beat the train. A car driver may fail to obey a crossing signal. Or the train company and its employees may be negligent in operating the train or its signals.  At Ankin Law, our Chicago mass transit accident attorneys understand the unique factual and legal issues stemming from railroad crossing accidents.

Commercial Trucking Accidents and Bus Accidents

Commercial trucks and buses have several driving impediments that can lead to multiple vehicle accidents between the bus and other motor vehicles. Buses have significant blind spots and poor turning ability. In addition, they make frequent stops by swerving in and out of traffic, which can cause significant driving hazards for other motor vehicles on the road.

Accidents involving commercial trucks and buses can also involve several unique legal issues, such as worker’s compensation, comparative negligence, and product liability. At Ankin Law, our full-service team of Chicago accident attorneys can handle the wide array of legal issues that may come into play as a result of an accident with a commercial truck or bus.

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