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Representing the Victims of Accidents with Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles, including large trucks, delivery vans, and taxis, account for many of the motor vehicles on Chicago-area roadways. Unfortunately, accidents involving commercial vehicles happen just like any other motor vehicle accidents. Unlike typical auto accidents, commercial vehicle accidents often involve unique legal issues, such as vicarious liability and workers’ compensation, that may not come into play in other motor vehicle accidents.

If you have been injured in an accident with a commercial vehicle, such as a taxi, truck, delivery vehicle, or bus, contact the Chicago commercial vehicle accident law firm of Ankin Law at (800) 442-6546. Our experienced Illinois accident attorneys will listen to your concerns, educate you on your legal rights and remedies, and vigorously advocate on your behalf to get you the compensation that you need and deserve.

Unique Legal Challenges

Some motor vehicle accidents, including commercial vehicle accidents, trucking accidents, and mass transit accidents, are more complex that other accidents with unique legal issues and multiple parties involved. Accidents involving commercial vehicles present unique legal challenges unlike many other auto accidents.

For instance, there is often an additional layer of liability to consider. In other words, both the driver and the employer could be liable for the accident, depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident. Because there is more than one potentially liable party, there are also multiple insurance companies involved, each seeking to protect their own interests and pay as little as possible on a claim. At Ankin Law, our Chicago motor vehicle accident attorneys focus on the wide array of legal issues involved with commercial vehicle accidents, including issues pertaining to insurance coverage and liability. We appreciate the importance of effective communication with insurance companies and our extensive experience affords us the knowledge necessary to successfully advocate on your behalf with the insurance companies involved.

Workers’ Compensation Issues

If you are the driver of a commercial vehicle that has been involved in an accident, you may also be entitled to pursue a worker’s compensation claim as well as a personal injury claim against the negligent party. As a full-service Chicago accident law firm, we can handle the full array of legal issues that may arise as a result of a motor vehicle accident.

Trucking and Shipping Industries

Our Chicago commercial vehicle accident attorneys often can represent truck drivers, delivery drivers, construction drivers, and motorists who have been injured by an accident with a commercial vehicle. We are familiar with the laws and issues involving trucking and shipping industry accidents, which may occur out of state. We can determine in which jurisdiction a personal injury case should be filed based on the facts of the accident, and we can handle any other issues that may arise out of the fact that accident involved a commercial vehicle.

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