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Car doors may be one of the most used, but overlooked vehicle parts. Yet car door latches play a key role in protecting drivers and passengers in the event of an auto accident, and a defective car door can result in serious injuries and even death.

Defective car doors that come unlatched unexpectedly can result in passengers being ejected from the vehicle and can reduce the cabin stability, increasing the likelihood of roof collapse.

At Ankin Law, our highly-trained Chicago defective vehicle attorneys focus on representing the victims of auto accidents, including those caused by defective car doors and other auto defects.

Product Liability Claim

If you have been injured due to a defective car door, you will be required to demonstrate that the car door was not designed or manufactured correctly by showing that:

  • The latch cannot remain secured during a collision;
  • The latch fails to meet safety standards set by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA);
  • The defective door had a faulty or insufficient latch; or
  • The passenger suffered severe injuries or death which otherwise could have been prevented by a properly working car door.

The manufacturers of defective car doors may be liable for any accidents, injuries, and damages in a product liability lawsuit. Product liability laws are meant to protect the public from dangerous and defective products, including design defects, manufacturing defects and marketing defects. Because the specific elements of a product liability claim involve complex, complicated legal issues and because it can be difficult to determine the cause of the vehicle defect, it is important to hire a skilled Illinois motor vehicle product liability attorney in order to pursue your claim.

Defective car door product liability lawsuits can be filed against anyone along a vehicle’s supply chain, including the car door designer, the automobile manufacturer, the marketing companies ,and car dealerships. A defective car door product liability claim can be based on any one of the following theories, all of which require that the plaintiff prove that the car’s defect caused the plaintiff’s injuries:

  • Negligence – The alleged responsible party knew of or reasonably should have known of the defective car door defect and failed to satisfy its duty to protect the consumer and/or the public.
  • Strict Liability – In Illinois, auto manufacturers and dealerships may be responsible for injuries caused by defective car doors if (1) the product was defective and unreasonably dangerous for its intended purpose; (2) the defect existed when the product left the vehicle manufacturer; and (3) the defective vehicle caused the plaintiff’s injury.
  • Breach of Warranty – The auto manufacturer or dealership violated a written or implied warranty guaranteeing a product free from defects.

If you believe you have a defective car door product liability claim, contact the skilled Chicago auto defect attorneys at Ankin Law to discuss the circumstances surrounding the defective car door accident.