Timothy J. (Waukesha, WI)
Timothy J.

“I would say that Ankin Law is exceptional in their handling of my case, especially with the lienholders, i.e., doctors, etc. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone & everyone. Telly Liapis is the BEST!!! Sincerely, Timothy Jensen”

Michael J. (North Chicago , IL)
Michael J.

“The firm did a great job for me. They resolved my case very quick.”

Dolores K. (Joliet , IL)
Dolores K.

“You kept in touch so I always knew what was going on and where the case was. The friendliness and the ability to work with the same people every time I called so I knew who was handling things.”

Mark P. (Mundelein, IL)
Mark P.

The business and service is excellent.
“Telly was great and very helpful. He took the extra steps and I appreciate how he lowered all the liens. It helped me greatly.”

Astrid D. (Skokie, IL)
Astrid D.

My case turned out very well.
“I was happy to see after a year since the accident, the case was settled. I’m very pleased with Ankin Law and their services.”