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The Truth About Teens Behind the Wheel

Teen drivers are often much less experienced than older drivers and they are much more likely to participate in risk-taking behaviors that can result in deadly consequences- and the problem seems to be escalating. A recent report by the Governors Highway Safety Administration (GHSA) reveals that the number of deadly car crashes involving teen drivers […]

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Tipsy Drivers Take Lives

In 2015, 10,265 people were killed in alcohol-fueled accidents claiming 300 more lives than it did in 2014 On average, 28 people per day are killed and hundreds of thousands more suffer serious injuries in alcohol-related accidents. In 2014, more than 345,000 motorists and pedestrians experienced injuries caused by a drunk driver. Nationwide, alcohol-related crashes […]

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Liability When Accidents Are Caused By Negligent Road Maintenance

When people are injured in accidents that are caused by poorly maintained roads in Illinois, determining liability can be difficult as there may be multiple parties who are liable, and governmental actors may assert immunity. While governmental bodies such as cities do have governmental immunity, the immunity does have limits, meaning that they still may […]

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Illinois Proposes Legislation Regarding Wrong-Way Drivers

Proposed Illinois legislation will allow courts to impose harsher penalties for wrong-way drivers who cause accidents. A car accident attorney Chicago often sees serious injuries and fatalities caused by wrong-way drivers on busy Chicago expressways. (Article continues below Infographic) ______ Wrong-Way Drivers Chicago experiences a large number of accidents and injuries caused by wrong-way drivers, […]

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Stricter Distracted Driving Laws: Will They Make Chicago’s Streets Safer?

Back in 2014, changes made to legislation in Illinois made it illegal to drive while using any type of hand-held cell phone. Whether for texting or making phone calls, cell phones have since been banned in the hands of drivers unless they’re in parked vehicles. Disappointing results Yet the results of these legislation changes have […]

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Dangerous Days for Teen Drivers

As the summer is starting and school is letting out, more and more teens are on the road. Those first summer days – one hundred days specifically – after Memorial Day weekend happen to be the most dangerous days for teen drivers. According to AAA, the number of teen car accident deaths increases over 16% […]

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How To Reduce Late Night Car Crashes

Late night car crashes will happen but increasing the available lighting can reduce the number of late-night car crashes. There are generally a variety of reasons for late-night car crashes. However, one of the most common reasons is human error. While driver mistakes are typically involved in many crash scenarios, there are numerous reasons that […]

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Illinois Personal Injury Law makes it Simple to Seek Compensation

After a car accident, victims should call an attorney as soon as possible after reporting the accident to the police. Because a police report only triggers an investigation within the criminal justice system, calling an attorney is the only way for victims to seek monetary compensation for the losses incurred in the accident. The two […]

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Victims’ Vital Signs: The Health Burden and Medical Costs of Nonfatal Injuries from Car Accidents

Surviving a car accident means avoiding the worst possible outcome, but surviving victims of non-fatal accidents carry burdens all the same. Financially, physically, and mentally, even a relatively mild car accident can inflict serious damages which echo across victim’s lives. Understanding costs Looking at the bottom line for crashes alone, without considering quality of life, […]

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Legal Claims for Drivers in Pedestrian-Vehicle Accidents

Pedestrians can be held liable for the car accidents that their actions cause. Just because a driver’s vehicle strikes a pedestrian, it does not automatically mean that the driver is at fault for the accident. Individuals whose vehicles have been involved in an accident with a pedestrian may be able to hire an accident lawyer […]